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  1. 1975-80

    Imagen 1975-80

    1. Untitled. Technical: Photography and Painting. 2. Untitled. Technical: Painting on

    The training stage between 1970 and 1980, which includes the period at the School of Fine Arts, was a stage of search not only of experience and artistic skills, friendship and art, but also the importance of messages and their meanings artistic communication.

  2. 1980-85

    Imagen 1980-85

    Untitled. Technique:

    Geometry and Gesture. A poetic duality between the organizational structure based on the nature and the human rational thought. Two languages, gesture and geometry, to express the emotion vital graphic gesture contrasted with the rational order.

  3. 1985-90

    Imagen 1985-90

    Untitled. Size: 150 x 150 cm. Technique: Acrylic. Detail.

    The importance of gesture drift towards a plastic evolution expressionistic elements and less geometric. Larger works, where the stroke organizes the composition of atmospheric space, geometry gives way to air and light.

  4. 1990-95

    Imagen 1990-95

    Title .“Water was so still that touch the heavens opened”. Detail.

    The space becomes more evident and the pictorial emotional content as a pretext feelings drawn from nature. Ink disappears in a search based on feelings more natural painting and meeting with the shading and texture.

  5. 1995-2000

    Imagen 1995-2000

    Triptych of Civilizations: 380 x 975 cm.
    Technical: Oil on canvas. Gran Hotel Lakua

    This stage is characterized by the transfer of my painting calligraphy on large format paper to complex reconstruction of a vital act. Murals, color intensity, composition and calligraphy are the constants of this period.

  6. 2000-02

    Imagen 2000-02

    Title. “The look of the Millennium”. Technical: Photography, computer graphics, digital screen printing and oil painting.

    Foray into the possibilities of the image using the new resources infographics. Duality gestural calligraphy and rational structure, is transformed into a new research pairing between the computer graphics image and the pictorial image.

  7. 2002-04

    Imagen 2002-04

    Title. “Underwater paintings”. Size 200 x 630 cm.
    Central table. Oil on canvas. Side tables. Digital computer graphics on canvas.

    This stage of research allowed me a syncretism of all prior periods fusing painting, photography, poetry, installations... using painting techniques, computer graphics and installations from natural materials.

  8. 2004-06

    Imagen 2004-06

    1.Title: “Love Poem”. Size: 200 x 180 cm. Technical: Mixed. 2. Title: “Genesis”. Size: 200 x 180 cm. Technical: Mixed.

    Return to painting. Return to the illusion of creating space, calligraphy as a form codified as the alphabet, the gesture as a creator of bounds, the Hue and illusion of the atmosphere of informality, chance and the incorporation of texture as an exponent of the material in Table.

  9. 2006-08

    Imagen 2006-08

    INSTALLATION. Title: “Strokes glass”. Mixed media. Tables: 20 paintings on glass by sublimation.
    Unit Size: 300 x 180 cm. Technical: Mixed. Sublimation and painting. Date: 2007. Corporate Headquarters Caja Vital.

    The search for new techniques of expression, new materials and a taste for experiment. At stake is the scale which defines the expressive force of the strokes and materials that define a new form of expression.

  10. 2008-10

    Imagen 2008-10

    MURALS. Title: “Event Horizon”. Mural with the help of computer graphics 810 x 1076 cm. Date: 2008/09. Diputación Foral de Álava.

    At the beginning of my artistic activity in the eighties, I was captivated by the small and large screen formats by murals. As their own cycles of life, these works apart from its technical difficulty with the power of suggestion of the purity of painting through silk screens.

  11. 2010

    Imagen 2010

    Exhibition 10 years. SALA FUNDACIÓN.

    The 900 linear meters of the Sala Foundation of Álava allowed me to exhibit 10 years of artistic activity, in which I could also include large format paintings, mural works and installations. I also developed a creative workshop on the process of crafting the work through sketches and collages on paper.

  12. 2011

    Imagen 2011

    Title: “Skogar River”. River Serie Size: 100 x 200 cm.

    With a zenith and emotional sense of the landscape, this series of panoramic paintings were made through a contrast of deep textures of textile paste and a watercolor-like painting when treating the acrylic on an absorbent polymer resin.

  13. 2012

    Imagen 2012

    Title. "Battle of Zama”. Serie Battles. Size: 180 x 190 cm. Detail

    In preparation for the series in commemoration of the 200 years of "The Battle of Vitoria, 1813-2013", I worked on this experimental project of large paintings with textures of white textile paste on black backgrounds, looking for in that plastic energy the strength and expressiveness from the war.

  14. Towards 5 in the afternoon the sky is stained with clouds torn with gunpowder and fire. Everything is thunderous noise that stifles the cries of pain of the wounded. The sky rips, revealing the entrails of the fire and the annihilating power of death. The powder gathered in the air like a black cloud, discharges its rain of pain on the fields.


    Imagen 2013
    Imagen 2013

    Obra completa

    Title: “5 in the afternoon”. Series Battle of Vitoria. Size: 195 x 180 cm. Detail

    This commemorative series consists of 7 pictures on the different moments of the battle in the time schedule between the 6 of the morning to the 6 of afternoon, in the space of the Western Plains of Álava and that ended the French presence in the Spanish territory.
    Catalog text “The seven battles of the landscape”. Xabier Sáenz de Gorbea and “The canvas as a battlefield”. Daniel Castillejo.

  15. 2014

    Imagen 2014

    Title: “Hooker Island”. Island Serie Size: 80 x 80 cm. Detail

    After the visual and expressive catharsis of the series Batallas and the Battle of Vitoria of 1813, a return to the expressiveness of nature with the same technical and graphic proposals of the Rivers series of 2011.

  16. 2015

    Imagen 2015
    Imagen 2015

    Obra completa

    Title: “Bagan”. (Myanmar). Country Serie. Size: 180 x 195 cm. Detail

    Complete artwork With an expressionist character blend of "Fields of color" and "Expressionism gesture" this series is chromatically referred to the visual and spiritual aspects of travel around the world. Technically it responds to the duality of the technique of the series "Battles" and the large spaces diluted with absorbing technique.

  17. 2016

    Imagen 2016
    Imagen 2016

    Obra completa

    Title: “Myanmar”. Country Serie. Size: 130 x 120 cm. Detail

    Complete artwork With an expressionist character blend of "Fields of color" and "Expressionism gesture" this series is chromatically referred to the visual and spiritual aspects of travel around the world. Technically it responds to the duality of the technique of the series "Battles" and the large spaces diluted with absorbing technique.

  18. 2017

    Imagen 2017

    Title: “TheCézanne´s lemon”. Water language Serie. Size: 110 x 120 cm. Detail

    Painting is a field of continuous experimentation. This series dispenses with the great calligraphic gestures and the matric textures of the textile acrylic fiber, looking for the effects on the water-soluble appearance of the acrylic absorption in resins on canvas. More color, textual calligraphy, figurative references and metallic acrylic paintings are the visual contributions of this new series.

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